Monday, December 5, 2011


Several weeks ago, I decided to make a needlebook as a gift for my friend who runs our sit and sew group. I made it from the needlebook instructions from I kit that I purchased from Beverley Sheldrick. This needlebook is something that I use almost daily and enjoy. I changed the front cover from the original as well as the rest of the ribbon work but the size is the same. Also, I purchased a pair of embroidery scissors and a needle threader kit it to make this gift complete.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Turkey Centerpiece

At the November meeting of our quilting group, one of the members showed a stuffed turkey that she made from a panel. When I remarked that I loved it and wanted to know where to buy a panel like this one, she took out her scissors and cut a panel for me and gave it to me. The turkey was easy to sew until I got to the circular tail feather. After I few tries, I got the tail feather on and was able to complete the job. It took me about three hours to make Mr. Turkey. My daughter loved him and made him the centerpiece on her buffet. Thank you again, Loretta.