Thursday, January 13, 2011

Barn Dance

Barn Dance is the name of this quilt block and it is part of the calendar quilt that I started last January. I was able to do a block a month for about six months and then I got too busy with other things. When I went to a quilt retreat in October, I took the cut out pieces with me and sewed them together with the help of a friend. When I finished, the block didn't lay flat and was a mess. This week since I was snowed in, I decided to take the block apart, recut the pattern, remark the pieces and sew it together again. It took me several days to get all of this completed but now I'm pleased with this block and will continue making the quilt. My next block will be an applique block I think rather than a pieced one.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Fancy Tape Measure

Inspirations Magazine #61 had an article about making fancy covers for tape measures that fascinated me. To practice making bullion roses, I decided to make this one. The article suggested that felt be used but I had some silk dupioni backed with tricot interfacing that I had left from another project that I used instead. Where I made a slit for the tape to pull in and out, I did a buttonhole stitch to reinforce the opening. This project was a good "take with" project and was very enjoyable to make. In fact, I think that I'll make another one soon.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Maria's Christmas Gift

This year I decided to make a knitted, felted pocketbook for Maria, my daughter-inlaw's mother. The pattern is from Noni and the handles are suggested in the pattern. I used a single strand of Lopi yarn throughout the bag. The knitting went very quickly. I felted it twice in my washing machine on the 12 minute cycle. The first time I felted it with a towel which was not good as the fuzzies from the towel stuck to the pocketbook and I had to pick them off. The second time I felted the bag with two clean tennis balls. That is definitely the way to go. After the bag was dry I made a pattern for the lining and then lined the bag. The pin was purchased at Burlington Coat Factory. I have more yarn in a teal color that I think I use for a bag for myself.

Additional Retreat Pictures

The bug pictures are from J. Marsha Michler's classes and the flowers are from Candice Kling's classes. The last picture above is the lining of the pocketbook I made for Maria as a Christmas gift. The house and the quilted piece were done with Judith Baker Montano and the ruched piece was done with Candice Kling.

Victorian Stitchery Retreat

Val from The Pink Bunny sponsored this retreat in Wichita, Kansas and I was fortunate to be able to attend from November 6-13. I took two classes with J. Marsha Michler, two classes with Judith Baker Montano, and two classes with Candice Kling. I learned many new techniques and met lots of interesting people. Now I'm in the process of finishing the projects that were started during the retreat. As you can guess, I'm hoping to be able to attend the retreat again next year.

Quilt Retreat

The last week in October, the Cinnaminson Quilters have their retreat in Johnsonburg, New Jersey. This is the second time that I've attended. Last year I sew together all of the geometric blocks for this quilt. During the winter, I completed the applique center block, assembled the quilt, had it machine quilted and prepared the binding. During the retreat, I sewed on the binding and completed the quilt. This quilt is still living at my house since neither of my children have claimed it.