Monday, January 30, 2012


For want of a better title, I decided on keepers because the zippered bag was made to keep cords together in my suitcase and the other piece was made to keep scissors together and safe when I travel with them. The zippered bag was made using a Lazy Girl pattern. Had I thought about it before I cut out the pieces, I would have made a much smaller bag. I made the pattern for the scissors keeper. Inside the pouches for each pair of scissors, I sewed by hand pieces of shammie so that the point of the scissors wouldn't go through the fabric.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A New Blouse

Sewing clothes was the way I started sewing. As a teenager, I wanted clothes that were different. Since then and until about three years ago, I made myself lots of dresses, slacks, coats and suits. When I retired from teaching, I made my daughter's wedding gown, my gown, and three flower girls' dresses. After that, I really didn't need any new clothes. Last week, I decided that I'd like to make myself a peasant blouse. When I looked through my stash, I found a poly-cotton small check piece of fabric, cut it out and in a day and a half, my new blouse was completed. Now I'd like to make another one with a floral print on a black background. Not too long ago I saw a piece of Liberty of London cotton like that. I think I'll have to find it and buy it.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Completed Quilt Top

Last week and the week before I worked to complete the quilt that I started at the retreat the last weekend in October. I already posted photos of the twelve blocks that I did that weekend. At home, I sewed on the triangles to make the blocks on point and sewed on the border fabric. The most time consuming of all was to make the ten medallions for the second border. Each one was made up of eight pieces. The quilt will be machine quilted by Delia who has done several of my quilts.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Aprons

These are the Christmas aprons that I made for Erlisa, Ben, Adina and Eva. Eva is twenty months old and refused to wear her apron. The pictures are of Erlisa, Ben and Adina. I traced aprons that Ben and Adina had and used those as patterns and traced an apron that I had to make Erlisa's apron. I lined the aprons with the same fabric as on the fronts. I bought five yards of fabric and only had a little bit left over. On the red strip at the top of each apron, I embroidered the children's names and on Erlisa's apron, I embroidered "Mom

Ruffle Scarf

My daughter-inlaw, Erlisa, came home from work about a week ago all excited about a scarf made from Katia Triana yarn. We looked at a video about making this scarf and then tried to find the yarn near her house which turned out to be impossible.
When I went home, I found similar yarn at JoAnn's, bought a skein, and knitted the scarf that Erlisa is wearing in this picture. The yarn is a mesh and it knits up very quickly because you only cast on six stitches and then knit until you have about a yard of yarn left. Then bind off and sew the ends using a needle and thread. This is a fun project. I already bought more yarn so that I can make my daughter a scarf and yarn so Erlisa can knit herself a scarf.