Friday, September 4, 2015

Name tag for Embroiderer's Guild

Recently I joined the Embroiderer's Guild and this was the first project that was taught. The kit was $ 15.00 and it contained all that was needed to complete the project. My name was machine embroidered on the fabric when I received the kit. I have not done silk ribbon embroidery in a while so it took me some time to get familiar with the technique again. As I worked, I thought of Beverley Sheldrick, the teacher who taught the class for the silk reticule with the silk ribbon embroidery. She used the ribbon as far as possible and I did the same in a few spots, cutting the ribbon from the needle, inserting the needle in the fabric, rethreading it and pulling the needle through the fabric. I am happy with this project and will do more silk ribbon embroidery some time soon.