Monday, May 18, 2015

A Gift for a Wonderful Librarian

This bag is for the librarian at the library where my grandchildren attend many wonderful programs. When I went on a bus trip to Lancaster, PA, I found this fabric that is imprinted with pictures of stacks of books. I had the black and white dotted fabric for the handles and accent strip across the top of the pocket. The inside of the bag is lined with a multi-colored striped fabric and has a pocket divided into three sections across the inside back of the bag. The outside pocket is on the front of the bag. The bag measures about 18 inches square. I quilted the outside fabric to press on fleece for stability and finished the bag with my sew on label, "Made with love by Gigi".

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Eva's Birthday Gifts

When I asked Eva, our granddaughter, what she wanted for her fifth birthday, she told me that she wanted a fancy dress for her 18" American Girl Doll. Several months ago, a friend gave me a bag of fabric with fancy scraps in it. There I found the perfect shiny fabric for the doll dress and in my stash of trimmings, I had the silver trim which was perfect for the dress. Before I finished the dress, another friend gave me scraps of yellow fur which I thought would make an interesting coat for Eva's doll. I hope that she likes the coat. I gave Eva the dress last week for her birthday and she loved it,
but won't give her the coat until I see her on Sunday. The coat was just finished yesterday.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Finally, A New Pocketbook

Today I finished this Lazy Girl City bag. I think that this is the fourth bag I've made from this pattern. It goes together
easily with regular cotton fabric. I used a tapestry fabric that I got from a friend and the black is a heavy twill weave fabric. My mistake was using a heavy press on batting and pressing it all the way to the edge of the fabric. I learned my lesson to not put interfacing into the seam allowance loud and clear when my industrial Juke machine wouldn't sew through the double fabric when making the corners at the bottom of the bag. I finally sewed those spots by hand after removing the interfacing from the seams. Hopefully, I'll remember this lesson when I make my next bag.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Rose Scarf

I needed a break from my current knitting project so I decided to crochet another rose scarf. This project went very quickly and provided instant gratification. When my daughter-in law told me that Ben's school was looking for handmade items as donations, I decided that this scarf would be a good choice. I hope that the PTA raises lots of money as the money is being used for the fifth grade class trip to see The Lion King on Broadway.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The start of a new doll

Yesterday I decided to stay home instead of going to Sit and Sew. The weather was too messy to go out. After breakfast I got out all of my paints and other supplies and painted a doll's head. She is my first brown eyed doll. The others all have blue eyes. This color change should change her wardrobe and her hair color. I haven't decided how she'll be dressed as yet. Before I get to that, I have to finish the
pocketbook that I started over the weekend.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

A new doll joins the family

This cloth doll was made from Teresa Cato's book. I painted the head first and then made the body and her clothes, shoes, and pocketbook. The bodice of the dress was so difficult to fit that I ended up sewing it on the doll by hand. By the time I made and turned three hands, I had two that were usable. The skirt and jacket were easy to make and so was the pocketbook. The shoes didn't fit on the first try but did by the second try. I'm still not in love with them. I have to go through my stuff and see if I have a different piece of fabric that would work. If I don't find anything I really like, I'll change the shape of the front of the shoes and add a button or some embroidery.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Girls are Ready to go Shoppinmg

Today I finished the second coat and hat. Now Adina and Eva's dolls can be warm this winter. Next, I have to make Davey's pajamas and maybe a bathrobe if I have enough time. I also ordered two outfits for him from American Girl. He's a Bitty Baby Twin doll.