Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Girls are Ready to go Shoppinmg

Today I finished the second coat and hat. Now Adina and Eva's dolls can be warm this winter. Next, I have to make Davey's pajamas and maybe a bathrobe if I have enough time. I also ordered two outfits for him from American Girl. He's a Bitty Baby Twin doll.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Gift Sewing

Adina and Eva asked me to make their dolls winter coats for Christmas and make outfits for Davey, Eva's Bitty Baby Twin doll. So far, I've made one coat and hat and have another coat and hat almost finished. All it needs is the handwork, snaps, buttons, and the lining for the crown of the hat. The pattern is an Indigo Junction pattern for an unlined coat and hat. I added the linings. The coat and hat fit nicely and I will make another doll coat for Emily's doll when she is old enough to play with dolls.