Monday, May 29, 2017

Sunny Sunflower

  On Thursday, I decided that I needed to do something different and a doll kit by Barbara Willis fit the bill.  My friend Pat gave me this kit several years ago and I have been wanting to make this doll.  I used my own fabric for the petals, the skirt and the body of the doll and the rest of the fabric was part of the kit.  Making the body was a challenge because of the way the face had to fit into a small circle.  Once that was done and the parts were stuffed, I painted the face. I think that painting the face is my favorite part of the process next to deciding how to dress the doll.

Monday, May 15, 2017

An Evening Bag

Several years ago I saved a pocketbook pattern and never used it.  When I looked through my patterns I saw this pattern and thought that if I reduced it 20% it would make a pretty evening bag that is to be a gift for a friend.  Off to the library I went and copied the pattern at 80% which seemed like a good size.  Over the last four days, I completed the project.  To embellish the bag, I made a rose from gray ribbon with sparkles and green leaves.  The rose and leaves are on a pin back so they can be removed if my friend doesn't like them.  I also added a magnetic catch to the bag, a first for me.  I will use this type of catch again as it is easy to install.  I'm happy to report that the magnetic catch was the only thing that I had to purchase for this project.