Friday, July 22, 2011

My Hussif

Three years or so ago while looking through the Crazy Quilt on line magazine I spotted several hussifs and fell in love with them. In preparation for Marcy Tilton's surface design workshop, I started the crazy quilt block. While at Design Outside the Lines, I silk screened some of the silk. When I came home from Taos, New Mexico, I made the patterns for the pockets and flaps and began the process of embroidering and sewing on each of the pieces. Yesterday, I sewed on the cording and attached the front to the back and today I did the last of the finishing work, sewing on the button and closing up the hole that I used to turn the piece right side out.


  1. Gita, I know how long and hard you worked on this, and it was worth every minute! It's beautiful, and will become an heirloom in your family.

  2. Your hussif is wonderful Gita. I love the inside with all the silk ribbon embroidery as much as the outside. Thanks for sending me a thank made my day.