Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Gift in the Making

Several weeks ago my daughter asked me to make smocked dresses for a friend of hers who is having twins. This friend loves fashion and I happened to have a smocking plate with pocketbooks on it that I thought would be perfect. After calling several quilt shops in my area I found the fabric to co-ordinate with the smocking. Today I completed the picture smocking and will immediately begin the back smocking which holds the pleats in place. Hopefully by the weekend, I'll be able to start the construction of the dresses. I have to have this project completed by September 18, 2011 which doesn't give me too much time.


  1. Very nice, Gita! It is perfect for little girls, and I love the colors. I did one smocked item when my 25 yr. old was a toddler, haven't tried it since. Don't even remember how to do it! I'm glad you posted this because I don't know when I'll connect with you in person again. So much going on right now.