Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Corduroy Dresses

About a month ago,Erlisa asked me if I could make matching dresses for Eva and Adina to wear to a baby shower that we were all invited to attend. McCall's patterns had just added two adorable patterns, one for a dress and one for a jumper. Needless to say, I bought both of them and made the jumper pattern for Adina and used the dress pattern to make the matching dresses. I followed the dress pattern with a few exceptions. Instead of the flat contrast piece at the hemline, I made a ruffle to coordinate with the ruffle on the bodice. I made ties to pull in the dresses in the back rather than the grosgrain ribbon bows at the sides. The dresses were easy to make and I was pleased with the results. Everyone at the shower thought that the girls looked adorable.
The difficult part was finding corduroy fabrics that coordinated with each other in pink and another color. I finally bought these fabrics at: www.fabric.com.

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