Thursday, March 2, 2017

Catch Up if Possible

It is already March and I haven't written in a very long time. Why? I'm really not sure. I have completed many projects and will attempt to show them here in this post and in the following posts. My biggest accomplishment was to complete the center of my Dear Jane quilt, all 169 blocks of it, sew them together with the sashing and make a few triangles. I am trying to work on a side of the quilt at a time and make those triangles. So far, I think that I only need two more triangles to complete the bottom of the quilt. I do have triangles made for the other three sides that I will work on when the bottom is complete. There are 13 pieced triangles on each side and then 4 corner triangles plus plain triangles make up the border of the quilt. So for I've worked on the quilt for three years and hope to finish it within the next three years.

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