Friday, December 25, 2009

Holiday Preparations

Merry Christmas to All. We're getting ready to visit our children so I'm doing some last minute preparations. This morning I finished the two bags I've been working on all week. One is for my daughter-inlaw and the other is for her mother. I've also made cranberry-orange relish for our holiday dinner on Sunday. After lunch I'm going to bake a chocolate chip cake so that my grandson can decorate it and possibly make some lemon bars to take with us in addition to the chocolate chip cookies and rugelah that I baked yesterday.


  1. Now I remember your blog!!! Love those bags.

  2. Love your bags....Vera Bradley has nothing on you!!!

  3. Gita, these are lovely and look so professional!
    You have stayed busy through the holidays creatin -- that's great! My family coming and going has kept me busy, and actually my sewing room and computer rooms have been doubling as guest rooms. Just catching up today! Happy New Year!

  4. cute bags. I think I have the pattern this bag. I'll have to dig it out of my "to do" patterns & put it near the top .