Sunday, February 14, 2010


A friend of my daughter's loves ladybugs and when she had her daughter, I promised to smock something for the baby with ladybugs on it. So far, I've finished the insert and now I'm thinking of how to use it. Probably I'll turn it into the focal point of a jumper like I did for my granddaughter, Adina. My only concern is the length from top to bottom of the smocking. Because it is done over nine rows, I think that I'll have to make the jumper larger than what the baby would wear this summer. I bought cotton fabric with ladybugs on it but I might try to buy red corduroy instead of using that fabric. My other choice would be to make the jumper in an eighteen months size. I'm going to make that decision quickly because my daughter and I are going to see the baby this coming weekend and I want to give her the completed outfit then.


  1. I would think an older size would be appreciated. All of us know how people give you SO many tiny clothes and the babies seem to outgrow them before they can wear them more than once (if at all) and then we WISH we had clothes for when they were older and in bigger sizes. You did a GREAT job on this so far.

  2. This is adorable! Larger will be appreciated as the little one grows. Great job, Gita.

  3. your ladybugs are perfectection!!!! the mommy will be so happy to receive this beautiful work of art and also to have a larger sized dress because they outgrow those baby things so quickly!!!
    Great work and thanks for stopping by my blog!! Will add you to the drawing!!