Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A New Quilt Block

The other day I completed this quilt block. It is part of the Piecemaker's 1995 calendar quilt that I started January 2010. I hope to finish the quilt by the end of 2011. My goal is to complete one block each month the way I did when I first started this project. After all of the trouble that I had with the "Barn Dance" block, this block was very relaxing to do. I really enjoy doing handwork so this was relatively easy to complete. I'm not sure yet what block I'll do for February.


  1. Of course, you know I love this one, Gita! Little "spirit dolls' is what I see, and the hearts are perfect for February. Very nice!

  2. Love these 'little people' and especially the fabric and colors you're using.