Thursday, February 10, 2011

August's Bead Journal Project

I have finally gotten back to making a doll dress for Samantha. She is a guest at a wedding and thought that apple green would be pretty at the end of the summer. That color also looks good with her dark hair.
The fabric is silk dupioni that I had in my stash. It frayed terribly otherwise it wasn't difficult to sew. I lined the top and made french seams on the skirt. The lace is from pieces that were left from when I made my daughter's wedding gown and so are the crystals. I did tea dye the lace so that it wasn't so white.
The mannequin was a holiday gift from my daughter. It is lots of fun to use it to display a dress as you're working on it. She always knows exactly what to buy me that I'll love. Thank you again, Ellen.

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  1. Ooooooooo...Samantha, you look lovely! How nice that you used your daughter's wedding dress trims. I especially like the lace, and I always love crystals for a little sparkle. Samantha is the best dressed American Girl doll anywhere!