Saturday, October 1, 2011

A New Project, Bear's paws

When I finished the smocked dresses and the crazy quilt bear, I felt as though I could start a new project. After much consideration, I decided to make another crazy quilted bear. This one will be larger than the last one and it will be made of cotton and silk fabric. So far, the fabric has come from my stash except for the purchase of the felt for the bear's paws. I haven't finished piecing all of the parts as yet but I did complete two of his paws. I put frogs on them because I love making bullion frogs. The other two paws will have bees on them, I think. I used DMC threads for this project.


  1. Oh my, Gita, this is so perfect for paws. I love them. I don't know anyone who makes bears by making the paws first, but it makes sense when you are going to do something so special. Can't wait to follow along with this project! Especially since I'm still working on my first crazy quilt bear.

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