Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A New Blouse

Sewing clothes was the way I started sewing. As a teenager, I wanted clothes that were different. Since then and until about three years ago, I made myself lots of dresses, slacks, coats and suits. When I retired from teaching, I made my daughter's wedding gown, my gown, and three flower girls' dresses. After that, I really didn't need any new clothes. Last week, I decided that I'd like to make myself a peasant blouse. When I looked through my stash, I found a poly-cotton small check piece of fabric, cut it out and in a day and a half, my new blouse was completed. Now I'd like to make another one with a floral print on a black background. Not too long ago I saw a piece of Liberty of London cotton like that. I think I'll have to find it and buy it.


  1. Your blouse looks very nice. I used to do all the clothes for myself and two daughters...out of financial necessity, actually. Now I don't even like to sew clothes (probably because it had become a chore all those years ago). :(

  2. Very pretty, Gita! I sewed a lot for our daughter when she was young, but everytime I tried to make something for myself, it bombed. LOL

  3. Love your blouse, I need to make me some.