Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ruffle Scarf

My daughter-inlaw, Erlisa, came home from work about a week ago all excited about a scarf made from Katia Triana yarn. We looked at a video about making this scarf and then tried to find the yarn near her house which turned out to be impossible.
When I went home, I found similar yarn at JoAnn's, bought a skein, and knitted the scarf that Erlisa is wearing in this picture. The yarn is a mesh and it knits up very quickly because you only cast on six stitches and then knit until you have about a yard of yarn left. Then bind off and sew the ends using a needle and thread. This is a fun project. I already bought more yarn so that I can make my daughter a scarf and yarn so Erlisa can knit herself a scarf.

1 comment:

  1. I love this yarn and scarf! I've knitted a lot of narrow scarves over the years, and would love to try this. Only six stitches, and all knitted is my kind of quick project. LOL What is the name of this yarn?