Thursday, October 3, 2013

I learned about using paper clay

Last Saturday and Sunday, I attended a class at the Artsy Soul in Manahawkin, NJ. The purpose of the class was to learn to make a doll of fabric and paper clay. I hadn't done anything with clay probably since college so this was a real learning experience. Using paper clay was fun and not messy at all like using regular clay. The teacher, Lynda Miso was extremely patient and helpful. The head that I came home with is the result of her refining what I did. Inside the head is a styrofoam egg that is molded and then covered with clay. I have five more eggs so I will definitely be trying to make additional heads. We were also taught to make the feet from the clay and how to attach them to the cloth legs. Along with the sculpting, Lynda taught painting techniques for the face and under-painting with black paint as a first coat. From this class, I also became aware of how densely something should be stuffed, hence, I'll be adding more stuffing to
many body parts.

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  1. Loving this face and body, Gita. I'm going to share the post with Penny who has much experience with paper clay doll making. Don't know if you two are connected.