Sunday, October 5, 2014

More Dear Jane Blocks

The Dear Jane quilt has taken over all of my free time during the day. I seem to gravitate toward these little blocks. I guess that it's the charm of working with little bits of fabric rather than cutting yardage. I also love the challenge of piecing the blocks. Some of them have more than twenty little pieces. At this moment I'm approaching the one hundred block spot, only sixty-nine more blocks to go. Then its on to the triangles around the perimeter. The triangles also have many pieces per triangle. My hope now is to post more regularly. Happy sewing to all!

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  1. Wow, Gita, you remind me of me about 5 years ago, but I burned out doing these small blocks. I stopped somewhere around 80 and put together a couple Baby Janes instead. I bet you won't burn out! :)
    I had lost your blog link somehow, but am glad to get you back on my page. Also...I just noticed the link to my blog on your blog is a very old one, and somehow it's been hijacked by a loan shark! :-() I think you should remove it. (If you want my current blog link, it's