Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Eva's Birthday Gifts

When I asked Eva, our granddaughter, what she wanted for her fifth birthday, she told me that she wanted a fancy dress for her 18" American Girl Doll. Several months ago, a friend gave me a bag of fabric with fancy scraps in it. There I found the perfect shiny fabric for the doll dress and in my stash of trimmings, I had the silver trim which was perfect for the dress. Before I finished the dress, another friend gave me scraps of yellow fur which I thought would make an interesting coat for Eva's doll. I hope that she likes the coat. I gave Eva the dress last week for her birthday and she loved it,
but won't give her the coat until I see her on Sunday. The coat was just finished yesterday.

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  1. Gita, you are a talented seamstress! Very pretty!