Monday, May 10, 2010

A Birthday Gift

I made this bag for Erlisa as a birthday gift. She really liked it which made me happy. I should make myself one from the leftover fabric as I need a summer bag. I even bought the bag-e-bottom so that I'd have it when I need it. It is very much like the bag that I made for her mother at Christmas. I'm happy to say that I used this pattern three times already and plan to use it again. That is a record for me.


  1. Gita, this is so colorful and pretty for summer. The red zipper is perfect, and I love the big red button. It's the finishing touch!

  2. Hi bubbygigi!

    I'm visiting your blog for the first time today & enjoying it immensely! You do some beautiful handwork. I'm especially impressed with your picture smocking of those ladybugs. I'm PS challenged & prefer geometrics.

    This little purse is darling & I'd like to know the name of the pattern, if you don't mind me asking? Your color choices are lovely!