Saturday, January 8, 2011

Maria's Christmas Gift

This year I decided to make a knitted, felted pocketbook for Maria, my daughter-inlaw's mother. The pattern is from Noni and the handles are suggested in the pattern. I used a single strand of Lopi yarn throughout the bag. The knitting went very quickly. I felted it twice in my washing machine on the 12 minute cycle. The first time I felted it with a towel which was not good as the fuzzies from the towel stuck to the pocketbook and I had to pick them off. The second time I felted the bag with two clean tennis balls. That is definitely the way to go. After the bag was dry I made a pattern for the lining and then lined the bag. The pin was purchased at Burlington Coat Factory. I have more yarn in a teal color that I think I use for a bag for myself.

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  1. I'm so impressed with this bag, Gita. I once tried felting a wool scarf and ended up with wool strands everywhere. You did it the right way -- picked your yarn and knitted the bag before felting it. It looks very sturdy, yet lovely. The pin is the finishing touch on the outside, and the lining is beautiful!