Thursday, January 13, 2011

Barn Dance

Barn Dance is the name of this quilt block and it is part of the calendar quilt that I started last January. I was able to do a block a month for about six months and then I got too busy with other things. When I went to a quilt retreat in October, I took the cut out pieces with me and sewed them together with the help of a friend. When I finished, the block didn't lay flat and was a mess. This week since I was snowed in, I decided to take the block apart, recut the pattern, remark the pieces and sew it together again. It took me several days to get all of this completed but now I'm pleased with this block and will continue making the quilt. My next block will be an applique block I think rather than a pieced one.


  1. Gita, this block looks complicated! I can see why you had issues with getting it right. It's one of those blocks that challenges when viewed, I just keep looking at it and trying to figure out how it came together. It wasn't paper pieced, was it? Well done, I love it!

  2. Hi Gita, thanks for your comment on my blog.

    That's great quilt - it is almost like an optical illusion. I don't do patchwork (mostly because it is the kind of thing I can imagine myself being carried completely away with, snowed in or not), but I am really fascinated by the pattern construction. Good job taking the quilt apart and finising it.