Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Baby Shower Gift

One of my daughter's friends is going to have a little girl and I just happened to have pink fleece in my stash. I've used this pattern before and it is very easy to sew. I added the ears and the applique. The applique is from an old Sew Beautiful magazine and it is by Kari Mecca. It is supposed to be a cat but most people who look at it think that it's a rabbit. I'm not quite sure why it's confusing. One of my larger dolls is the model. She's crying but not because I put the hoodie on her.


  1. Darling!!! Looks oh so cozy.

  2. Adorable gift, Gita, and I think the confusion about what kind of ears they may be is because of it being spring and the season for bunnies. Either way, it works for this time of year. Lovely!