Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Fix It Job

Several years ago, I made this bag for my daughter inlaw as a birthday gift. She loves anything to do with fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately the fabric that I used for the straps frayed. After thinking about the easiest way to fix this problem, I decided to buy "D" rings and attach the new straps that way. What you see are the new straps. On Wednesday I returned the bag to Erlisa. She was very pleased with my choice of the repair fabric. I also sewed squares of fabric on the lower corners of the bag where there was some fraying. These repairs should give the bag a few more years of service. The pictures are of the front and back of the bag.


  1. What a GREAT bag...the fabrics are all fabulous!

  2. So resourceful of you, Gita, and it looks like new! I have a 'Veggie Girl' spirit doll in the works that would match this bag.

  3. Love this bag and the fabric you used is perfect!